Latest Alpha Footage for Friday The 13th: The Game Revealed

By Fierce, 1 year ago
There's no better day to play hide and seek with a deranged supernatural serial killer than on a Friday. Illfonic has been fairly consistent about keeping fans in the loop on the developmental progress of the upcoming multiplayer slasher, Friday the 13th: The Game.

Continuing the trend, two new gameplay videos have recently been released to remind players the brutality of Jason. The first is a quick overlook of the Higgins Haven map followed by a Jason door kill of an innocent female counselor who unfortunately chose the wrong door to exit. The second is alpha footage of why it's best to not play hide and seek with a maniac. Both videos show promise of the level of intensity being brought into the game and are neither for the squeamish.

A saying likely first whispered around the camp fires of Crystal Lake, "you can run but you can't hide." Jason comes to Xbox One this October.
Written by Fierce
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