A New Title Update for Need for Speed is Racing in This Week

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Ghost Games has been very generous with free content updates for last Fall's Need for Speed and this Wednesday they look to continue that trend with what is perhaps their biggest yet. We'll get two new event types as a first taste, but that's only the start.

Competitive multiplayer has finally arrived in the form of Speedlists. Speedlists are a set of five pre-selected races that you and your opponents compete in. You'll get a score for how you do in each race and at the end the highest scoring player wins. Better yet, as you do compete you'll earn titles based on your overall position in the Need for Speed community - essentially, it's a global ranking system. The titles are competitive so if you fall below the threshold you'll need to earn the title again. After all, there can only be one "World Champion."

Only the Top 100 players will get the title Top 100Only the Top 100 players will get the title "Top 100"

The story mode is also receiving a makeover in the form of Prestige Mode. Once you complete the game, you'll get a call from an old friend who will set you down the prestige pathway. You'll need to compete in all Five Ways to Play again beating hard target scores. We'll find out if you truly are the Ultimate Icon.

And now the question many of you have been wondering: are there achievements? Yes, three of them:

Basic Bronze: Win all the Prestige events
Gold Plated: Win Gold on all Prestige events
Speed Master: Win all the events in a SpeedList

The new title update for Need for Speed screeches in April 27th.
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