PSA: Chime Will No Longer Be 100% Charitable

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Some of you may remember an announcement back in May regarding the charitable status of XBLA game Chime. According to a SentUAMessage video on Inside Xbox with Andy Farrant, UK Xbox Live producer, and Dan Maher, Xbox Live editor for Europe, the proceeds from the game would no longer have been donated to charity after June 3rd, 2010. Well, to put it bluntly, they were wrong. Zoë Mode quietly continued to donate 100% of their royalties to OneBigGame, who are raising money to benefit children worldwide.

Well this is a public service announcement to warn you that the extended exclusivity contract is finally coming to an end. From 9.00am UTC on December 1st, 2010, only 5% of royalties from the game will continue to be donated to charity. Ed Daly, general manager at Zoë Mode, is urging people to buy the game before the contract ends:

“While 100% of our royalty is donated we feel we can freely encourage those who have not had a chance to purchase Chime to use this last opportunity to fully support the OneBigGame initiative. We have very much enjoyed working with OneBigGame on this unique venture and although this marks a change for Chime it is far from the end of the relationship.”
A title update will alter the in-game statement regarding the charitable contributions. However, this will also remove the cap on the maximum score that players can achieve. The cap resulted in the leaderboard being topped with identical scores. Brynley Gibson, game director, explains the decision:

“Now that this cap has been removed it will finally be possible to discover the best Chime players in the world. This fix has been a long time coming and is absolutely one made for the fans; we hope it tides them over until we can announce our plans for where we are taking Chime next.”
Here is a link to the Games Marketplace for those of you who want to purchase the game before the exclusivity contract runs out.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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