TA PAX East Roundup - Part Three

By Damien Knox, 1 year ago
For the final day of PAX we continued working through the indie megabooth including the surrounding developers, and did some clean-up of the larger AAA titles we had missed earlier in the weekend.

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Throughout the PAX event Blizzard had a large presence beyond their booth. They had multiple vehicles driving in front of the convention center, and also parked in the center for their title Overwatch. We had already covered this title, but wanted to make sure we had a chance to play some of the multiplayer while at PAX before the open beta.

We played a six on six match, playing an escort the objective mode. We were able to play two matches being on both the offense and defense. The gameplay was very smooth, having a very traditional first person shooter control. Players are able to switch their character at the main respawn point throughout the match. There are four primary class types to choose from, with multiple characters in each class. It was highly encouraged from the booth's staffers to switch classes often depending on how the match is progressing.

While our team did not fare well in the match, the overall experience of the game is helping build the anticipation for the open beta starting on May 5th - 9th.

Below Screens 4

Our next stop was to developer Capy to demo their upcoming title Below. They are still aiming for a summer of 2016 release as previously announced at GDC.

The game is a dungeon crawler, with a main character that starts off with minimal equipment. As you explore the landscape you pick up items to put into your inventory for later use. You are able to craft food, weapons, and inventory items. These items become necessary if your character is injured, since you;ll have to stop the wound from bleeding. Then you'll need to heal from the wound, all the while taking into account your hunger indicator as well.

When your character dies, you will be restored at the last checkpoint, but all of your inventory will remain on your previous corpse. To make this a tad more complicated, the room layout will change after your death, so your body is never where you last remembered it.

There were no boss fights to try, but from the playable portion we saw, the game does look like it will keep players busy exploring the caves below.

We Happy Few

Compulsion Games had a very large booth presence showcasing their new game We Happy Few. We had the chance to sit down with Sam Abbott, COO of Compulsion Games, as he helped us play thru the playable demo. He told us they are currently shooting for a late summer/fall 2016 release for the game.

We Happy Few is set in a 1960s dystopian Britain environment. The majority of the population is on a drug called “joy”. The unfortunate side effects of this drug is it causes forgetfulness, and sometimes insanity. People that stop taking joy, usually because they go insane, are shipped off to the outskirts which you find yourself waking up into one day.

The game has a BioShockian art design with a Fallout 3 inventory system. While our personal run through was to attack everything possible, we were told that players can pick different tactics as to how they will interact with the characters and world around them. We were able to see some of the town layouts and the game looks very beautiful yet creepy all in the same breath.

Compulsion used a lot of what they learned from their title Contrast incorporating some elements that worked then, while improving on what they would like to do better. The company has grown since that title’s release, and it really shows from the gameplay we were are to play.

27/04/16 - Screen 6

Continuing on our indie booth journey, we stopped into Daedalic Entertainment’s booth to see the playable demo for AER. We met with game designer Robin Hjelte, who explained the concept of AER’s open world flight exploration merged with some puzzle solving aspects.

The demo allowed us to fly in the main world for five minutes. In that time we saw the floating islands and were able to start solving some of the puzzles in the over world that will open temples for more exploration.

A gameplay trailer was announced during PAX which you might've seen on TA just days ago. Missed it? You can check it out right here.

Thimbleweed Park
For anyone that has ever spent time exploring the worlds of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion, this next game will be of the utmost interest. Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick have come together to bring out a game that carries the nostalgia of their classic titles, while taking advantage of the power of machines today.

We talked with Mr. Gilbert & Mr. Winnick at their booth about how Thimbleweed Park came from a kickstarter campaign all the way to its hopeful release by fall 2016. The game is a classic point-and-click with nods to Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and the games that made their campaign a success.

The demo allowed us to play as federal agents Ray & Reyes. The scene opens on them standing at a creek bed with a corpse lying face down. Users have the typical commands found for point-and-click games, so we let the fun begin, first by trying to talk to the corpse. We will not provide any of the demo spoilers, however we were introduced to loveable characters like Ransome the Insult Clown (who produces a staggering 64.6 swear words a minute), Sandy the Waitress, and Dave the Fry Cook. It all felt very much like something from David Lynch.

While our time at Thimbleweed Park was brief, the game looks like it will deliver both the atmosphere of its TV inspirations as well as the humor that would be expected from its creators.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
Screenshot 5

We stopped into the both for Fatshark, AB who is working on their Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. For those not familiar with Warhammer, the franchise is owned by Games Workshop. The most popular of the franchise is Warhammer 40,000. And End Times is one of the lesser known of the Warhammer franchise.

The developers explained to us how they are huge Warhammer fans spanning back to their tabletop origins. They wanted to work on a title and reached an agreement with Games Workshop using this universe. There was a playable demo for us to try at the booth.

The gameplay is a first person shooter, and uses team survival strategy much like a Left 4 Dead. It will support multiplayer, and they are actually looking into cross-play support, they told us. Nothing is official if they will be able to get cross play to work between Xbox One and PS4, but that is their hope. They launched the title for PC on October of 2015, console release they are shotting for late summer / fall of 2016.

Through the Woods
Through The Woods

Our last stop on day three was at Antagonist’s booth. Their title Through the Woods is a Norwegian horror suspense title based on their folk tales and mythology. The demo looked very dark and suspenseful, and something you would want to play with all the lights off late at night.

Antagonist is looking to launch the title on Steam in September of 2016. They would then look to have console release done in Early 2017. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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Written by Damien Knox
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