An Hour of DOOM Single Player Gameplay

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Two key players at id Software, the studio behind the upcoming title DOOM, sat down at the Twitch offices earlier today to show off the single player campaign. Marty Stratton, Executive Producer, and Hugo Martin, Creative Director, talked through the finer aspects of the game while playing through a few levels. It's well worth a watch if you're interested in the DOOM reboot, which is down to just a couple weeks until its May 13th release date.

During the gameplay, viewers got a peek at what to expect when the full game releases. Secrets, exploration, a weapon and suit upgrading system, and a single player challenge and mastery system were all shown as features.

Stratton also talked about what inspires the company about DOOM, and what he believes is the DNA of the game: "Big, badass guns, amazing demons, and movement being a really key fundamental part of the gameplay. We focused on combat."

Big, badass guns indeed.Big, badass guns indeed.

There also appears to be plenty of customization in the settings. The example was given of being able to turn off the glory kill indicator in the settings, which makes an enemy glow when they are particularly vulnerable and are able to be killed with a finishing move. Players can turn it off if they think it makes the game too easy.

There will also be a codex filled with DOOM lore. When players encounter a new enemy or weapon, it'll show up in their codex and they can read the details on it, if they desire. Just like the secrets and exploration, this is all optional, the developers emphasized, and not required to progress through the game.

And what about the narrative, the story line? Stratton had the following to say about it:

"We don’t put story front and center at all, DOOM’s about doing this – it’s about fighting demons and using awesome guns, so it hasn’t been a huge focus necessarily… We tried to infuse a lot of mystery and a story that will keep you kind of playing and digging, if you wanted."
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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