Multi-Genre System Update

By Jack Watling,
Late last year we opened a Possible Genre System Change Poll Update to propose a pretty big change to the existing genre system and, more importantly, to ask you in which direction you thought we should be moving.

With the amount of discussion and responses in the poll it was clear that many of you are passionate about genres, and from the results it was also clear that many of you felt that a change was needed. As such we've been working hard at creating a flatter list of genres. While this sounds quite trivial, it was far from it...

A few weeks ago we threw the list out to a small team of helpers for some initial community feedback. After a couple of tweaks we've now got a list that we think will give us a great start with the new system. It aims to keep most of the original (and more highly tracked) genres, add some new ones, and make the system much more flexible with the ability to apply multiple genres to any game.

TrueAchievements Genre Definitions

You've probably noticed a lack of the existing Sports sub-genres. With the current system we add new sub-genres whenever a new type of sport game appears. With the new system we will still be adding specific sports genres (ie Football, Baseball, etc), but these will only be added if five or more titles fall into the classification.

While the above genres are our starting genres, it's not set in stone by any means and is bound to evolve over time. The site is community driven and if there's a clear want and need for a genre to be added (after the switchover period) then we'll always be more than happy to discuss it.

The next step toward the new system is the actual assignment of genres. With so many games on site (almost 3,500!), it's definitely not feasible for us to handle these internally (or that fair either). As such we want to get all of you involved in the process.

I've built a small genre voting system for the site to help out with this process. Each week we'll be releasing batches of 250 games for voting at a time, starting with the oldest and moving to newest. When voting for a title is live, you'll have just two weeks to vote on anything you've played -- it's your chance to have a say, so please don't waste it.

The genre based leaderboards on site won't be changed over to use the new system until all of the games have been reclassified, so don't worry about these too much yet.

Anyway, that's a quick update as to where we're currently at with the new system. I'll publish some more details about the voting system and how it works when the first batch of voting goes live.

Thanks. toast
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Hey, I'm Jack. I'm a long time member of the site and joined the development team back in 2015. When I'm not designing, adding, or leading the development of new site features you can find me running or gaming.