Imperia Online Update Detailed

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
A new update has been announced for Imperia Online, with a variety of new features on the way.

Of utmost importance for this site, of course, is the Windows 8 version of the game will be getting some achievements. The 407 of you that have completed the Windows Phone version of the game - as of this article's writing - should be happy, as the Windows 8 version will have the exact same achievements.

It's not just achievements, however, with plenty more detailed by the developer.

New, more intuitive Global Map buttons
Animated Missions Flags on the Global Map
Ability to send Court Member away
Barbarian Camps Generals now have their own avatars
Complete and comprehensive Tech Tree
Redrawn buildings - civil ones are now clearly differentiated from the military ones
Earliest Mission Complete Timers
Built-in Global Game Calendar
Finally, for the Windows Phone version, the size of the application has been optimized to 70MB.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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