Neverwinter Event Announced Ahead Of Expansion

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
The last we heard of Neverwinter, we received a release date for its latest expansion "The Maze Engine". As we now approach that release date, the developers are celebrating the impending release with a "double" weekend. That means double XP, double Astral Diamonds, double the refinement points and double the enhancement and runestones.

There are a couple of caveats, so developer Cryptic Studios have detailed how and on what you'll earn these doubles.

Double XP:

Your characters and companions will level faster than ever! Experience rewards from quests, killing critters, and other in-game activities will soon be doubled! Get ready to explore Forgotten Realms with your party and grow even stronger.

What will grant you double XP in Neverwinter during this event?

XP gained from killing creatures in game.
XP gained from professions.
XP rewards from quests.
XP rewards from invocation.
Companions will also gain double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to gain double XP as you progress through the game.

Double Astral diamonds:

We’re giving you DOUBLE the Astral Diamonds earned in game with every quest and activity that awards Astral Diamonds! Please note that this only affects Rough AD.

Ways to Acquire Rough AD:

Salvaging Level 60+ Epic Items

2x Refinement Points:

Receive double the amount of refinement points you would normally receive whenever you refine items in Neverwinter! Want to elevate your enchantments or advance your artifacts to greatness? Get the most from your hard-earned refinement items!

Double Enchantment & Runestones:

Receive double the amount of Enchantments or Runestones you would normally get wherever you are in the game. They will now drop twice as much! With all of the amazing Enchantment and Runestones available in Neverwinter, this weekend will be the best opportunity to upgrade your weapon or your last piece of armor!
The double event will start today, Thursday, April 28th, 10am PDT, and will end on Monday, May 2nd, 10am PDT. "The Maze Engine" will then launch the next day, May 3rd.
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