Massive Entertainment Announces Punishment for Exploiters of The Division

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Last week we reported that players of Tom Clancy's The Division may be punished for exploiting. This was based on a comment of Community Manager Natchai Strappers who said:

We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.
Today, Massive Entertainment posted an official update on what exactly their plans are. First, they noted that players using "cheat engines" will be summarily punished with a 14-day suspension for a first offense and a permanent ban for a second offense. They've also introduced new cheat-detection systems they claim have already proven to be substantially more effective.

Perhaps more importantly, Massive took a firm stance against exploiters. Here is their definition of a bug exploit:

An exploit is the active triggering and use of a bug or glitch to bypass established game rules in order to gain a significant advantage or skip progression steps otherwise necessary.
While Massive acknowledges that it is their job to identify and squash bugs before they are released on live servers, they admit that they cannot "simulate the experience of millions of players" and thus some bugs will slip through the cracks. When a new bug exploit is found, they will swoop in to fix it as quickly as possible, but that does not give players free reign to exploit as they please until a patch is released.

Massive will make a public post on their forums and social media which identifies what bugs are considered exploits. Players who continue to exploit after that public warning will face severe punishment including character rollbacks, suspensions, and permanent bans. Massive closed their announcement with this tidbit:

As mentioned earlier, providing a high-quality experience is our priority. Fixing game bugs is one aspect of it, and we are improving our processes to address that. Dissuading players from impairing others’ gameplay by violating the rules of the game is another aspect. We also want to give you better visibility and transparency. We are fully committed to providing an enjoyable and fair environment for all our players, and will take all steps necessary to achieve this goal.
Does this sound fair? Was there a better solution? Sound off in the comments below.
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