ONE PIECE: Burning Blood Shows Off More Gameplay, Tag Combo System

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
ONE PIECE: Burning Blood is edging closer to its May 31st release date. The developers, Spike Chunsoft, are continually releasing videos showcasing different aspects of the game. Today they talked about character style, perks of developing on current gen systems and the tag combo system.

"I think it is a game in which players are able to control characters in the way they imagined," said Tatsunori Oohashi, Lead Artist.

ONE PIECE: Burning Blood releases May 31st.ONE PIECE: Burning Blood releases May 31st.

They wanted to make sure the characters retained their own unique style and personality, even if it meant the game lacked the perfect balance other fighters often strive for. Balancing a 3v3 tag team game was not easy, according to the developers.

"The 3v3 game system was challenging," said Tairi Kikuchi, Game Designer. "If we focused on balancing each character's fighting capability, the result would have been a bland gaming experience."

They were also impressed with the ease of designing on current gen systems.

"Developing for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms eased the development process, as these have better development environments," Oohashi said. "In terms of character development, it allowed us to use high polygon counts and fine-tune textures with less limitations, and things like character transformation or tagging out could be accomplished much more smoothly without loading times."

You can check out the video for yourself here, which also shows how the tag combo system will work.

ONE PIECE: Burning Blood releases May 31st in North America and June 3rd in Europe.
Kelly Packard
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