Halo 5: Guardians Team Previews Memories of Reach Update

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The Halo 5: Guardians team has given us a look at what's to come in the Memories of Reach update, including the return of the much beloved zombie-themed game mode, Infection. That's not it though, there are balance updates, Forge teasers and weapon teasers too.

Zombies hate rainbows. Probably.Zombies hate rainbows. Probably.

Here are the nitty gritty details on Infection:

•Total player count: 12
•Number of rounds: 4
•Round time limit: 3 minutes each
•New Custom Game option: “Last Squad Standing”
•Spartans have all Spartan abilities (naturally!)
•Infected have Thrust, Smart Scope, Stabilize
•New medals
The new Infection medals.The new Infection medals.

The preview had this to say about the progress of Forge: "Tom French and Mike Byron from the Forge team are back with another cryptic clue of what’s on the way. I’m guessing it comes as absolutely no surprise that they have once again, and without comment, sent over a cryptic screenshot for this blog."

Here's the aforementioned "cryptic clue":

What could it mean?What could it mean?

And of course, a preview wouldn't be a preview without a look at the REQs:

Memories of Reach REQs.Memories of Reach REQs.

Here's the weapon teaser, to which the previewer said, "I'll just leave this here." If you look in the image of the REQs, it's the "Brute Plasma Rifle."

Return of the plasma rifle.Return of the plasma rifle.

The following balance changes will also be applied:


Plasma Caster: Default

•Reduced non-charged timer from 0.5 to 0.3 (less overshooting of enemies)
•Sticky grenade has less arc (to be able to place it on the map more reliably)
•Sticky grenade detonation is now more damaging vs. vehicles, but less damaging vs bipeds (will still kill bipeds in one shot when stuck)
•Increased sticky grenade submunition damage values from 43 to 75 (indirect fire from a sticky shot can now actually kill!)
•Sticky submunition grenade inner AOE increased from 0.65 to 1.0

Plasma Caster: White Scar

•Needles have improved aim toward nearby targets

Plasma Caster: Scourge of Fire

•Sticky shot now has 7 submunitions instead of 5

Hydra Launcher: Default

•Reduced recoil in hip
•Increased inner AOE radius from 0.4 to 0.8
•Increased impact damage to make it more effective against vehicles (still two rockets to kill Spartan)

Hydra Launcher: Typhon

•Enabled multi lock on for up to 3 targets
•Increased impact damage (still two rockets to kill Spartan)

Scattershot: Loathsome Thing

•Increased number of hardlight projectiles to be same as normal scattershot (5 -> 8)

Rocket Launcher: High Five

•Increased AOE radius on cluster rockets

Binary Rifle: Twin Jewels of Maethrillian

•Reduced recoil
•Placed twin projectiles a bit closer together for easier biped targeting

Covenant Carbine: Rain of Oblivion

•Reduced recoil
•Increased zoom magnification a bit (closer to default Carbine)

Incineration Cannon: River of Light

•Added slight homing to charge shot to hit multiple bipeds easier

Incineration Cannon: Heartseeker

•Added proximity detonation to charge shot (like the normal Inc. Cannon has) to make it more effective against airborne targets or targets behind cover

Fuel Rod Cannon: Pool of Radiance

•Fixed a damage bug (was not causing AOE damage on initial explosion)
•Made projectile thicker

Needler: Talon of the Lost

•Reduced supercombine count to be same as normal Needler
•Needles have longer lifetime to more easily supercombines against difficult to hit targets (8s instead of 4s)

Spartan Laser: Selene’s Lance

•Reduced recoil
•Made beam thicker
If you like sick plays, 343 also spotlighted professional player Spartan's montage.

There is no set date at the moment, but Memories of Reach should be rolling out in the next few weeks. 343 advised Halo 5 players to stay tuned for more details coming next week.
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