Raiden V Launching Next Week

By Kevin Tavore, 11 months ago
Last week we brought news that Raiden V would be coming to Xbox One in May. Today developer MOSS released a new trailer along with the release date.

Raiden V is a traditional shoot 'em up with a few unique twists. Players will pilot Fighting Thunder, a specialized aircraft capable of extreme feats. The story is set during the fabled Cristal War. The goal is, as always, to eliminate the many enemies without getting killed yourself. MOSS puts their own twist on the genre with the Cheer system. According to the official website:

In the game, there is a supporting system called "cheer system" which works on On-line net working. During the game play, when you perform "Nice Play", it is informed to other players and they will give you "Cheer".
Basically, when you're playing online and perform a nice play, you'll send a message to others who are also playing. Those players will have the opportunity to hit cn_Y. If they do, you'll both get an increase to your cheer gauge. When the gauge is activated, players will be able to use their "great damage attack" to destroy their enemies "with the held of the player who supported you most."

It sounds like a neat spin on a genre that historically been a solo affair. If you're interested in seeing more, you can take a look at the trailer below:

Raiden V will release on the Xbox Marketplace on May 11th.
Kevin Tavore
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