Splinter Cell 6 In Production

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Jade Raymond, managing director for Ubisoft Toronto, has confirmed that the studio is developing Splinter Cell 6, the next iteration in the series, with "game production going on already".

Confirmation arrived in May that production for a new Splinter Cell game would be led by Alex Parizeau, senior producer on Splinter Cell: Conviction. He spoke about his excitement for the project:

I'm excited. We have very high ambitions for the project, and it's a great opportunity, because Splinter Cell has a lot of visibility, and we're really hoping to attract a lot of senior talent and people who have a lot of experience in the industry. We we want to build the studio around that, a really strong core team, and that [Splinter Cell] is going to provide us with a really good platform to do that. I think we have a really special chance to build something strong from the start.

Developers always try to re-do things, take a 'clean slate' approach; however, there's a lot to be said about recognizing when you have a solid base and then making sure you have the time for polish. I think when you look at the big console games that are successful these days, the things that distinguish them is the polish; the teams that have taken the time for real playtesting. It's a really good position to be in, to have a solid base and not have to be reinventing.
The studio has currently hired 83 people, most of which are working on gameplay and include concept artists, animators and audio directors. They have plans to increase the number of staff to 800 within the next ten years.

Here's the video for those of you who also want to learn about the importance of coffee and Nerf fights:

Raymond also confirmed that a second unnamed game was also in production. This is being developed by a smaller team led by Lesley Phord-Toy, previously a producer at A2M, the studio responsible for games such as Wet.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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