Smite 3.7 Patch Notes: "The Grim Weaver"

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
Just a week after Hi-Rez sent patch 3.6 for SMITE to consoles, the 3.7 patch notes have been released for "The Grim Weaver" patch coming out tomorrow, Wednesday May 4th.

This patch will bring the rest of the "Escape from the Underworld" event, a remodel for Arachne as well as new VGS commands to allow for better communication amongst players. A brief overview of the patch can be seen below:

With the Arachne remodel, she is receiving all new animations, a new look and textures along with the new style of mastery skins, her default card as well as the card for her gold skin can be seen below:

With the continuation of the "Escape from the Underworld" event, this patch will bring the remaining items from the event to consoles, including a new icon, a new global emote, a new ward skin, and the following God skins:

From first to last, we have Grim Weaver Arachne, Grim Eclipse Hou Yi and Grim Shadow Nox. The Hou Yi and Arachne skins will be directly purchasable for 400 gems whereas the Nox skin will be rewarded to players for collecting six items from the event. It should be noted that this means players will have to buy at least three of the 400 gem items, while the three quests from the event can be completed in order to count towards the other three items.

There are also a few skins coming in this patch that are not part of the "Escape from the Underworld" event, from first to last we have Hunter's Moon Chang'e, Legion Hercules and Amaterasu's mastery skins.

The Chang'e and Hercules skins are both tier 2 skins and are therefore directly purchasable for 250 gems each.

The rest of the patch notes, including bug fixes, item changes, God balance and more can be seen below:


Bug Fixes

• Fixed issue causing game crashes.
• Fixed an issue where the Fire Elementals were showing on the minimap when they were not on the map.


• Added new VGS command options:
- Ultimates: Ready, Down, Enemy Ult incoming, Enemy Ult Down
- Jungle Buff: Going, Need, Take
- FYI: Out of Mana, I’m building Stacks, Group Up, Be Careful!
- MISC: Be Right Back, On my Way, Cancel That, Okay!

• Popular Items tab has been added back to the item store.


• Engima Chest:
- This chest will no longer award boosters unless the player owns everything in the chest.


Ao Kuang

• Water Illusionist: As Ao Kuang kill an enemy with your water illusion.
• A Mighty Sword: As Ao Kuang execute an enemy God who’s been ulted by Khepri.


• The Power of the Heart: As Cupid Kill three or more gods with the damage from Heart Bomb.
• Spread the Love: As Cupid heal each of your teammates by using Share the Love.

Jing Wei

• Wave Dash: As Jing Wei use agility after being knocked into the air by an enemy god.
• Heads up!: As Jing Wei kill an enemy god within 5 seconds after using your passive.


Mail of Renewal

• Fixed an issue where the passive would not proc when destroying a tower.

Throwing Dagger

• Increased physical power from 22 > 25.
• Increased cost from 1300 > 1350.
• This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.


• This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.
• Increased Physical Power from +10 > +15.

Golden Bow

• Increased Physical Power from +35 > +40.
• This item no longer provides a 10% Critical Chance.
• Increased Movement Speed bonus from +5% > +8%.



• Herbal Medicine
- Updated his passive icon.

Jing Wei

• General
- Base Physical Power per level increased from 2.5 > 2.7.
- Fixed an issue where her passive would not activate when leaving the fountain in Assault.

• Persistent Gust
- Increased attack speed buff from 25% > 20/25/30/35/40% per rank.
- Increased duration of attack speed buff from 5s > 7s.

• Explosive Bolts
- Fixed an issue with this ability providing ammo without going on cooldown.

• Agility
- Using Agility from the ground now removes basic attack movement penalty for 3s.
- Increased buff duration from 5s > 6s when Agility is used from the air.

• Air Strike
- Increased damage from 200/280/360/420/500 > 220/310/400/490/580.
- Increased landing range from 40 > 55.


• Siphon Darkness
- Decreased cooldown from 15s > 13s.

• Shadow Step
- Increased magic power scaling from +40% > +70%.

• Night Terror
- Damage Reduction increased from 30% > 40%.
- Increased magical power scaling from +60% > +75%.

Ah Puch

• Undead Surge
- Increased number of corpses dropped from 1/1/1/2/2 > 1/1/2/2/2.

• Fleeting Breath
- Decreased duration from 5s > 4s.
- Increased damage per second from 25/28/31/34/37 > 30/35/40/45/50.
- Increased magical power scaling from 15% > 20% per tick.
- This ability no longer scales off of number of times healed.
- Increased additional damage on targets that healed from 20/30/40/50/60 + 10% per stack > 50/100/150/200/250 + 50% flat.
- Increased stun on targets that healed from 1s + .5s per stack > 1.5s flat.

He Bo

• Atlas of the Yellow River
- Increased slow debuff from 20/25/30/35/40% > 30/35/40/45/50%.
- Increased speed buff from 20/25/30/35/40% > 30/35/40/45/50%.
With "The Grim Weaver" going live tomorrow, SMITE for consoles is now catching up to the PC version and will be on the same patch for a week, and only a week behind.
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