Competitive (Ranked) Play Disabled for the Overwatch Beta

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
The Overwatch: Origins Edition beta has been heating up the last few days for those who preordered and will be at full force tonight when it opens up to all. Players will be able to get the nearly complete Overwatch experience until May 9th, but veterans of the closed beta may notice one glaring omission: competitive play. Fear not though, the full multiplayer suite will be available in unranked modes at launch.

Blizzard game director Jeff Kaplan took to the official forums to give some insight on the future of competitive play in Overwatch. Because it was met with mixed enthusiasm in the closed beta Blizzard has decided to hold off on the official release of competitive play until it can be reworked.

Competitive gamers will have to wait for a post-launch patch to see how they stack up. Competitive gamers will have to wait for a post-launch patch to see how they stack up.

For those who are curious, the original version involved tiers and ranks that players would move up and down on across month-long seasons. There would be significant XP penalties for quitting matches (regular matches are not subject to this penalty). Players would need to reach player level 25 before they could enter the queue.

The details on the new version will be revealed at a later date. Overwatch is currently in open beta for those who preordered. It opens to all on May 5th and lasts until May 9th. Overwatch releases May 24th.
Kevin Tavore
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