Fear Effect Sedna Developer Confirms Xbox One Port

By Sam Quirke,
For those of you as old as me, Fear Effect is a game series that may ring a few bells. The original and its prequel were very well received way back on the original PlayStation (in my day, PlayStations didn't need numbers... )

Then a decade passed without much incident (apart from us nearly being subjected to an Uwe Boll movie, thankfully abandoned). Now Square Enix have given their blessing for developer Sushee to bring the cel-shaded action-adventure back with a brand new sequel - Fear Effect Sedna. The Kickstarter to fund the title is well on its way to completion, which has led to the developer announcing console ports will be guaranteed after the €100,000 mark is reached -- rather than being a more ambitious stretch goal further down the line.

Fear Effect Sedna expresses our vision of the game, updated for our times, while respecting the work of the original team and the special atmosphere that made Fear Effect great. We’re working on keeping the best of the two previous games, but also making it our own by adding new ideas and contemporary design.

Combining deadly mercenaries and futuristic cities with Inuit folklore and ancient mysteries, the game will be an isometric adventure with stealth, puzzle and combat elements -- many of which were shown off in a teaser trailer:

Given that the Kickstarter isn't yet finished, there are no release dates -- but the developers have confirmed their intention to release on the Xbox One.

We've got the full list of Fear Effect Sedna achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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