Multi-Genre System Voting

By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
As promised I'm back with a quick update on the multi-genre system and how the voting work, which is now live.

Firstly though, I want to say thank you to everyone that left feedback over in the Multi-Genre System Update comments. There were some great points made and we have made some changes to the starting set of genres; you can view the updated list here.

The next step towards the new system is the actual assignment of genres. With so many games on site (almost 3,500!), it's definitely not feasible for us to handle these internally (or that fair either). As such we want to get all of you involved in the process.

Each week we'll be releasing batches of 250 games for voting at a time, starting with the oldest and moving to newest. When voting for a title is live, you'll have just two weeks to vote on anything you've played.

Genre votes pageGenre votes page

The Genre Votes page provides a handy list of all titles, for which voting has concluded, is active, or is upcoming - you can use the "Status" dropdown to filter by these.

There are also visibility and vote status dropdowns. The former allows you to slim the list down to the just the games you've earned an achievement in (and can vote on), and the latter allows you to see the games you have or haven't voted on. If you have voted on something the row appears green with a tick icon.

Genre vote pageGenre vote page

To vote on a title all you need to do is click on the poll icon in the vote column. You'll be taken to a genre voting page which has a list of the genres and checkboxes. Just check the ones you think apply and hit the "Submit votes" button at the bottom of the page (if you don't press this your votes won't count).

If you change your mind about any votes (prior to them closing) you can navigate back to the page (via the green tick icon instead) and check/uncheck any of the checkboxes as needed and hit the save button again. Pretty simple, right?

Each time a new batch of titles go live for voting I'll also drop a full list of the titles (with game page and vote links) into the Multi-Genre System Active Votes thread. Add this to your "My Threads" if you want reminding.

As a quick note, to keep the voting page more manageable we haven't included any specific Sports related genres at the moment (ie Football, Baseball, etc). If you think a specific sporting related genre applies then just use the "Sports" checkbox for the moment. The specific sports genres will be sorted in due course.

The first wave of voting is live now and you can visit the link below to start casting your votes -- it's your chance to have say, so please don't waste it.

Genre Votes

If you've got any questions feel free to post them in the comments below. There's also quite a lot of new code for this, so if you spot any issues then please raise them over in the Bug Reports Forum forum.

Thanks! toast
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
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