Your Help Is Needed

By Van Uden, 8 years ago
Hi everyone,

Have you ever looked at your Friends Feed and got annoyed at that pesky Secret Achievement showing up? It's showing up as a Secret Achievement because none of the staff members had updated it yet. Until Microsoft decided to change! Staff members used to have a script to update Secret Achievements they have won. With the revamped we have lost that ability.

TA made it possible for us to update Secret Achievements manually. This is where you come in. Because a staff member had to actually unlock a Secret Achievement before he could update it there have always been gaps. Some Secret Achievements are too hard, others just take too long and yet others are simply in games not a lot of people play. With the ability to manually update Secret Achievements it is now also possible for us to receive the needed information from you, the community!

So, how do you go about helping us? Step one is to unlock or have unlocked a Secret Achievement that we haven't updated yet. To see if you have Secret Achievements that we still need the information for visit this page:

You can also click the button "Not yet won" to see which Secret Achievements are available in games you own, but that you haven't unlocked yet. Now that you have unlocked a Secret Achievement you can move on to step two.

Step two is sending us the information we need, because we update the achievements manually it's very prone for error. To make sure everything is updated correctly we decided a safety measure was needed. An email address was created - - to receive the information. To help us update a Secret Achievement you need to sign into, locate the game in which you unlocked the achievement and take a screenshot of the actual achievement. This is to avoid spelling mistakes, there is no spelling in a screenshot! Make sure the unlock date and amount of GS is shown on the screenshot, more about that later. The screenshot gives us the achievement name and description, next we need the achievement image. Still on the game page on right click on the achievement image and select "Copy Image Location". Paste that into your email that you already added the screenshot to. It should start with That's all the information we need on the side of things.

On the TrueAchievements side of things we need some more information. The URL to the game page, the URL to the achievement you believe the info should belong to (we won't go blind on that, it will be double checked) and your gamertag. If all that information is added in the email then you can press send we can link the achievement on and you can move on to step three.

Step three is the easiest one of all, you wait untill we updated the achievement. Due to timezones and work load it could take a while, don't worry though, it WILL get done. To be 100% sure we're updating the correct achievement we will be looking at the GS value and unlock date on your account (hence why it should be in the screenshot) as well as the solutions. If for some reason we still don't know for sure which achievement to update we will contact you and ask for extra information.

We realise it's a lot of work for just 1 achievement, but messing up the database with wrong information is the last thing we want. We're hoping to receive tons of emails from you so we can finally rid ourselves of those pesky Secret Achievements and make them show up as they're supposed to!

If there are any questions, feel free to leave them here and we will address them as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,

Ronald van Uden