Time Trials Event for Grand Theft Auto V is Now Live

By Gabriel Kreulen, 1 year ago
Rockstar's hail of events continues with the Time Trials week, where it's all about racing against the clock and reaping benefits while doing so.

Time Trail Event details

Time Trials are Freemode challenges where the player must get to the finish as fast as possible in a vehicle of their choice.

The time trials players can take part in are:
May 6th: Vinewood Bowl
May 7th: Down Chiliad
May 8th: Mount Gordo
May 9th: Great Ocean Highway
May 10th: Sawmill
May 11th: Maze Bank Arena
May 12th: End to End
The benefits players have are listed below.

- A whopping $100,000 reward for beating the time trial (once per trial)
- 50% off the following vehicles:
Pegassi Zentorno
Pegassi Osiris
Progen T20
Shitzu Hakuchou
Dinka Akuma
- 30% off select car mods
- Free Lester and Mechanic services
- Double RP Land Race playlist
The event will help you to get above the law a bit faster.
Gabriel Kreulen
Written by Gabriel Kreulen
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