Destiny Hot Fix Live Now, Changes to Melee Coming Next Week

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
A Destiny hot fix went live this week. The patch mainly addressed bug fixes. Another patch is in the works to address issues involving melee attacks.

Skirmish Earth Twilight Gap

Here are the notes for the patch that is currently live:


• Fixed an issue in which chests in the original Prison of Elders challenge modes (Level 32, 34, 35) did not properly give loot
• Fixed an issue in which the Weekly Nightfall did not drop Ghosts above the player's Light correctly


• Fixed an issue that prevented completion of the quest "With Finesse and Speed"
• Fixed an issue that allowed purchase of Dreadfang before the player had completed the quest to obtain it


• Fixed an issue in which some of the Faction Class items did not properly allow quest progression for Factions
• Fixed an issue where the Hunter "Spektar Grasps" item did not properly display all geometry on PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360
• Fixed an issue in which Cryptarch Rank Up packages were incorrectly giving Year 1 Engrams
• Fixed an issue that would allow Universal Remote to decrypt from Special Weapon engrams when it is a primary weapon
In addition to this, some modifications to melee will be implemented next week. The dev team had this to say about issues with melee not being effective:

Ever thrown a punch – we’re only talking about Destiny here – that seemed to land (you heard it and you felt it) but it didn’t deal any damage? Yeah, us too.

Ever thrown a punch (or a shoulder) that seemed to “whiff” right past your intended target when you were so sure it would land? Yup, the same thing happened to us, so we put one of our top men on it.

The empty threat of a melee is a thing we aim to fix in this next update.

The following changes to the melee ability will be manually toggled on Tuesday, May 10th at 10AM Pacific.

• Fixed a bug that would start a melee target search from an incorrect position, frequently coming up short and causing the melee attack to whiff
• Adjust melee strike validation logic and player position networking during melee attacks to improve reliability across the network
As always, the team will be monitoring performance with the new update and tweaking as needed.

If you missed last month's huge update, you can review the patch here.
Kelly Packard
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