Last Chance to Get Free Instakill Neith Skin in SMITE

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Cosmetic collectors or just fans of the back-flipping, arrow-shooting hunter Neith take notice - the month of May is the last month to receive the Instakill Neith skin for free in SMITE.

SMITE Community Manager HiRezAmanda released the following statement:

Due to Instagram’s new policies regarding their API, we’re unable to continue to award players who like us on Instagram with the Instakill Neith. Starting June 1st, the skin will no longer be unlockable. This may not be the last time Instakill Neith will be available, but it is the last time you can unlock it for free by following us on Instagram.
Instakill Neith.Instakill Neith.

You can still get the skin until June 1st simply by following SMITE on Instagram, and verifying it with your SMITE account here.

If you're new to SMITE, you can easily add three other free skins to your collection in addition to Instakill Neith. If you don't own the god, they will be automatically unlocked as well.

Water Dancer Nu Wa
Stalker Artemis
Solar Eclipse Ra
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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