New Edge of Eternity Videos Highlight a Boss Battle and the Orchestral Music

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Midgar Studio, the developer behind the upcoming RPG Edge of Eternity, recently released two new videos highlighting their progress on the game. The first video shows off some of the recordings from the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra which will be featured in the game. The second video gives a taste of what a boss battle might look like, though the developers note that it is a work in progress - they know it needs more polish.

The combat in the game is turn-based like many classic JRPGs. The twist is that players can move their party around on a hexagonal grid. Position is important so that allies can interact with each other and dodge enemy attacks. I recommend playing the music and the video together so that you can get a good representation of what the final game might actually look like.

Edge of Eternity is currently slated for release sometime in 2016.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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