Ghost Theory Developer Announces Success of Kickstarter Campaign

By Chanse Wareham, 1 year ago
As was covered a couple of weeks ago , Czech developers Dreadlocks had announced a Kickstarter campaign to get the in-development title Ghost Theory funded.

Well, today the Kickstarter met its funding goal.

As a refresher, Ghost Theory is a first-person adventure horror title meant to try and utilize the same technology and tools that actual ghost hunters use in the field, all while featuring a variety of real-world locales to get creeped out by.

To celebrate the milestone, the developers released a short video:

Currently Ghost Theory does not have a set release date, with the only information being that it will be arriving on Xbox One sometime in 2017. For more details about the game, the Kickstarter page is still a great place to get some in-depth information and deeper background on the title.
Chanse Wareham
Written by Chanse Wareham
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