88 Heroes to Bring 88 Kinds of Chaos to Xbox One

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
At 8 minutes past 8 on the 8th August 1988, the world teeters on the brink of total annihilation!
Dr. H8's demands are simple. Pay 88 octillion dollars within 88 hours or 88 thermo-nuclear warheads pointed directly at earth will be launched.
As the eagle-eyed among you might have already gathered, Rising Star Games and Bitmap Bureau's chaotic 2D platformer has a penchant for the number 88. Appropriately, you'll be sending 88 Heroes into the fray in order to bring down the evil doctor's nefarious plans. The game was built with the engine of Super House of Dead Ninjas, a popular browser and Steam game published by Adult Swim. The gameplay will take place on a screen in Dr. H8's lair, whilst the man himself will be dealing death in the foreground... between bathroom breaks and slurping coffee.

Along with the 80's retro theme, the game brings real old-school platforming where precision at a fast pace is everything. Each of the 88 playable characters has unique abilities that can help (or hinder) your progress. In the main game, your hero order is randomly selected, demanding quick thinking and an understanding of each character's nuances. There are (obviously) 88 levels, and you'll have 88 seconds to beat each one. There will also be other game modes – one will see you picking a squad of eight heroes and attempting to beat the game, whilst the other will challenge you to survive as long as you can with just a single character.

In the run up to the game's release, the developers will be showcasing one character per day. Yesterday was 88 days to launch, so we got a little more detail on Gonan.

There are no prizes for guessing who this is based on.There are no prizes for guessing who this is based on.

Today it was the turn of Blastertron.

I will write a strongly-worded letter to Bitmap Bureau if none of these characters drives a DeLorean.I will write a strongly-worded letter to Bitmap Bureau if none of these characters drives a DeLorean.

If you're interested so far, you should keep up with the game's Twitter feed. Not only will you see a new hero each day, but you can also expect details of the "Build-A-Hero" competition, in which the best character design could end up in the final game.

88 Heroes will release on – when else – August 8th, for Xbox One.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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