ARK: Survival Evolved Patch Adds New Map and 100-Player Servers

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
A T-Rex sized ARK: Survival Evolved update is now available. The update, which we previewed in April, continues to bring the Game Preview title up to speed with the PC version.

One of the most exciting additions is "The Center" map, created by modder Ben Burkhart using Studio Wildcard’s Official Mods Program. The Center is "drawn completely by hand without any auto-generated content." ARK developer Studio Wildcard boasted The Center is double the size of the existing map, making it around 70 square kilometers, and "complements the current biomes with a rich, hand-drawn Tolkien-esque aesthetic." The Center also has its own save data, as well as an option to reset the save file for each individual map.

Studio Wildcard released some screenshots of The Center to showcase what they mean by "Tolkien-esque":

The rest of the official patch notes are as follows:

• Added all content up thru PC patch v240 (includes such things as Broodmother Arena, Megapithecus Arena, Direbear, Manta, Chem Table, Prim Cannon, Lystrosaurus, Arthropluera, Sabertooth Salmon, Primitive Bola, Tribe Rank Management, and more!)
• Fixed memory/crash issues, massively reduced game memory overhead
• Improved rendering performance by approximately 10%
• Fixed the huge stall/lock/crash when you "Transfer" a bunch of items at once
• Spawn-In First Person Animations are now playing properly once again
• ADDED The Center Official Mod Map! Doubles the playable game area of ARK, with all new adventures -- added Official The Center servers supporting up to 100 simultaneous players!
The patch is already available. Conveniently, for those who haven't yet jumped at the dino survival title, the patch coincides with a 20 percent off sale this week.
Kelly Packard
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