Rocket League June Update Will Include New and Customizable Quick Chat Options

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Ever feel like you can't express quite how you feel in Rocket League?

It's probably not going to help you propose to the man/woman of your dreams, but developer Psyonix will be adding more quick chat options in the June update, in addition to allowing players to customize their quick chat binds to their most-used phrases.

27 new phrases are on the way and players will be able to map out which phrases they want on each chat tree through the Options menu. Chat phrases are currently communicated in-game using the directional pad buttons: cn_up cn_down cn_left cn_right.

The new options menu will look a little something like this:

Rocket League Quick Chat Customization

Here is the full list of new in-game chat phrases:

• All yours.
• Calculated.
• Go for it!
• Great Clear!
• Holy cow!
• In position.
• Incoming!
• My bad…
• My fault.
• Need Boost!
• Nice Block!
• Nice one!
• No Way!
• Okay.
• Oops!
• Savage!
• Siiiick!
• What a play!
• Whew.
There will also now be specific phrases for post-game communication, such as "GG," the abbreviation for "Good Game." The following post-game chat phrases will be included:

• Everybody dance!
• gg
• Nice moves.
• One. More. Game.
• Rematch!
• That was fun!
• Well played.
• What a Game!
Although this is just one piece of the upcoming June update, it's all that developer Psyonix is revealing for now. We can expect more information in the coming weeks.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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