Soul Axiom Dated for June, Xbox One Version Will Have Exclusive Content

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Soul Axiom, the award-winning cyber thriller with roots in the Steam Early Access program, will be releasing in June on Xbox One through ID@Xbox.

Developer Wales Interactive describes Soul Axiom as a "first-person, story-driven adventure game" set in the futuristic cyber world Elysia. Elysia is a server where souls are "uploaded," giving its users essentially immortality, allowing them to pick and choose the memories and dreams they want to experience for the rest of eternity. It is the successor to 2013's Master Reboot.

What will the mysteries of your afterlife hold?What will the mysteries of your afterlife hold?

The game boasts over 20 hours of gameplay, 100 puzzles and 40 different locations in which players can immerse themselves. There are multiple endings as to how players' digital afterlifes will turn out.

Xbox players will also receive exclusive bonus content, featuring "a never-before-seen Chapter with three unique levels," as well as an 82-page digital art book detailing character, environment and storyboard designs.

Soul Axiom has been nominated for several awards in 2015 and 2016 including:

• "Best Game” at the BAFTA Cymru Awards 2016
• “Best Console/PC Hardcore” at Game Connection America 2016
• “Use of Narrative” at the Develop Awards 2015
• Best “Action/Adventure” at TIGA Games Industry Awards 2015

For any players willing to upload their soul to Elysia, Soul Axiom will be available on June 8th for a fee of $19.99, £15.99 or €19.99.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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