Elite: Dangerous Horizons Enters Orbit on June 3rd

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Attention experienced commanders and greenhorns who are probably already in way over their heads, the Elite: Dangerous universe is about to get a lot bigger. The long-awaited "Horizons" expansion will be landing on June 3rd.

"Horizons" is essentially a season pass for Elite: Dangerous and will give players access to all "Horizons" content, both current and future. "Horizons" will be launching with two expansions: "Planetary Landings" and "The Engineers."

"Planetary Landings" will allow players to "touch down on planet surfaces, explore beautiful and vast landscapes in your surface recon vehicle and assault enemy fortifications." "The Engineers" will add new looting and crafting mechanics, allowing players to create new modules for their ships and experiment with weapon modifications.

Probably don't want to land on that one...Probably don't want to land on that one...

These two expansions are just the beginning of "Horizons," though. According to Frontier Developments, more content is on the way, including "multi-crew gameplay, avatar creation, ship-launched fighters and more unannounced game-changing features."

"Horizons" will be available as an upgrade to players who already own the base game for $29.99 USD (£19.99, €24.99, 1,489 RUB) or as a part of the Elite: Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition, which comes with the base game included for $59.99 USD (£39.99, €49.99, 2,999 RUB).

For those interested in the vast, space exploration game, Elite: Dangerous has been on sale the past few weeks for 50 percent off, which would provide savings over the Commander Deluxe Edition if you decide to add the "Horizons" expansion later.

Elite: Dangerous has a notoriously steep learning curve, but according to its dedicated fan base, it's well worth the effort. Good luck out there, Commanders.
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Kelly Packard
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