HITMAN Elusive Target Statistics and New Escalation Contract, Episode 3 Spoils Coming Soon

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Last weekend marked the first Elusive Target spotting in Square Enix and IO Interactive's HITMAN. Sergei Larin "The Forger" was the first of these slippery persons of interest. He was only available in game for mere hours before fading away, never to be seen again. If players failed their assassination attempt, that was it; only one chance was given.

IO Interactive posted an infographic on their blog for the inaugural target:

How did you do?How did you do?

They had the following to say about the first Elusive Target and Elusive Targets in general:

We were inundated with feedback about all aspects of the Elusive Targets and we’re still digesting that and having discussions internally about what, if anything, we might want to change, tweak or adjust in the future. There will be more Elusive Targets coming, they are just as integral to our live content as Escalations have been in recent weeks. Expect a more even balance between the two modes going forward.
Speaking of escalation contracts, a new one has already been added to HITMAN this week: The Scorpio Directive.

The Scorpio Directive includes five stages and will task you with eliminating two targets. 'Edmondo Giordano' is the first and the second is 'Jack Please'. The added complications will add laser tripwires to Sapienza for the first time, so you’ll need to know a way to navigate around them – or find and equip the disarm device to bypass them. Good luck.
Agent 47, at least let your victims enjoy the cake first...Agent 47, at least let your victims enjoy the cake first...

Last but not least, as mentioned in our Square Enix update, HITMAN "Episode 3: Marrakesh" spoils are on the way. We'll know the release date next week and IO Interactive plans to "reveal more about it well before E3."

That doesn't mean there won't be more details at E3, however. We'll be able to see details about future episodes past "Marrakesh":

Also this week, HITMAN was confirmed to be at E3 2016! A few members of the team will be headed to LA next month to show off what’s upcoming in the game. We’ll have information and reveals about future episodes to share with all of our community and players during E3 2016.
All in all, it looks like Agent 47 fans have plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks.
Kelly Packard
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