Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Released

By Eddie Ruckus, 8 years ago
The long wait is finally over for many shooter fans, as the "Noble Map Pack" for Halo: Reach is now ready for purchase from the Xbox Marketplace.

Here is a description of the DLC from the Xbox Live Marketplace:
The fight for humanity rages on a galactic scale. From a frozen xeno-archaeology site harboring secrets millennia old to an orbital anchor defending the stars high above planet Reach - and to mysterious places far, far beyond - Bungie's Noble Map Pack injects three new explosive environments into the multiplayer battlefield, each designed to reinforce all of Halo: Reach's vital warfronts, from small scale engagements to massive Invasion battlegrounds.
Marketplace Link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Halo-Reach-Noble-M...

Included with the DLC are three new maps: Anchor 9, Breakpoint, and Tempest. There are also 7 new achievements to be won, for a total of 250 Gamerscore points. For more information on the maps, including screenshots, be sure to click on the external link.

The "Noble Map Pack" is available now for 800MSP.
Credit for this story goes to DrSaw