The Division Update 1.2 Patch Notes

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Yesterday, we covered a sizeable amount of details for the upcoming Update 1.2 in Tom Clancy's The Division. Today, Ubisoft has posted the full list of patch notes that includes plenty of changes, additions, bug fixes and more.

The Division Patch screen

A lot of the details, such as what gear will drop from NPCs and where, has already been covered. If you'd like to check out the full list in its entirety anyway, you can do so right here. For the information that's new in the patch, check out the following list:

New Incursion: Clear Sky

• Hard Mode is available on May 24 when the update is released.
• Challenge Mode will be made available the week after update 1.2 launches.

Sealed Cache

There are four qualities of Sealed Cache:
• Specialized
• Superior
• High End
• Gear Set

Player Stash in Dark Zone Checkpoints

• Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.
• Checkpoints stashes eliminate the need for fast travel to your Base of Operations to collect your extracted loot!

ISAC Assignments

• The ISAC Assignment is a new assignment type included in the map overview.
• The ISAC Assignment will be available to players at level 30.
• Every week a new ISAC Assignment will be available to the player.
• The ISAC Assignment will reward players with exclusive vanity items.


Added new high-end named weapons in the game.
• Hungry Hog: M60 Light Machinegun
• Centurion: M1911 Pistol
• Medved: SAIGA12 Shotgun
• Historian: M1A Marksman Rifle
• (Showstopper - AA12 Shotgun): Please note that while the Showstopper will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.3
• The Historian high-end marksman rifle is now available.



• When a player is at max level, matchmaking for Hard and Challenge mode will now only seek players that are Level 30.
• Armor damage mitigation cap has been increased to 75%.
• Improved weapon blind fire and overall handling while in cover.
• Reduced damages from level 34 NPCs using Shotguns and Sniper rifles.
• Gear Score will now only take into account the equipped weapon with the highest Gear Score, and discard the other two. This will prevent players from equipping low quality weapons to voluntarily reduce their Gear Score.
• Increased Gear Score requirement of Falcon Lost to better represent its difficulty (note that the difficulty of this Incursion hasn’t changed)
• Hard Mode: Gear Score 160
• Challenge Mode: Gear Score 180


• In the Overview of the Inventory, the Health stat above Stamina has been replaced with Toughness. This is a combination of Health and Armor. The player’s health pool will still be visible in the Character page and Stamina still increases Health.
• The Phoenix credit cap has been increased from 1000 to 2000 credits.
• Shooting a player while they are interacting with an object will cause the timer to push back. (such as opening a supply crate or hijacking an extraction)
• Players now have a voice chat indicator in the game UI to see if their own VOIP works.
• The Special Gear Vendor has been renamed Special Equipment Vendor.


• The Sentry’s Call 4 pieces talent will now only apply to semi-automatic weapons (pistols, shotguns, and marksman rifles).
• The Second bonus on Performance Mods have been significantly improved.


• The extraction departure timer once the helicopter arrived has been increased to 60 seconds.


• Fixed a bug where the effects of player talents would stack when the talent was repeatedly equipped and unequipped.
• Fixed a bug where the Reckless gear talent would increase player damage resistance instead of decreasing it.
• Fixed a bug where the Balanced gear talent would remain active indefinitely after the weapon was shouldered.
• Fixed a bug with the Brutal gear talent where the damage was multiplicative instead of additive.
• Fixed a bug with the One is None character talent where the weapon could jam when the magazine was down to one bullet.
• Fixed a bug with the Specialized gear talent where it wouldn’t account for subsequent gear changes after the backpack was equipped.
• Fixed a bug with the Path of the Nomad talent where the Health on Kill wouldn’t work if the kill was done with a melee attack.
• Fixed a bug with the Tactician’s Authority talent where it wouldn’t trigger properly against other Players.
• Fixed a bug where talents that are triggered by skills could be activated by just aiming the skill instead of using it.
• Fixed a bug where bleed resistance could roll above 100% on some items.
• Fixed a bug where players could exit the playable map area by using the mobile cover skill.
• Fixed an issue where some doors at the entrance of main missions would not open after restarting the mission.
• Fixed a bug where one of the Base of Operation wings would not unlock after completing Subway Morgue or Lincoln Tunnel missions.
• Fixed a bug where players would not be able to upgrade their Base of Operation wings correctly.
• Fixed a bug where the Small RDS Scope Mod would not roll weapon damage bonus, even though it was stated in the blueprint as a guaranteed stat.
• Fixed a bug where the Base of Operations NPC speech was too repetitive.
• Fixed an issue where the Base of Operations wing resources would not be displayed correctly if at least one of the wings was not activated (laptop not accessed).
• Players will no longer be teleported to an incorrect checkpoint during the “Rescue: Tenderloin Civilians” side mission.
• Fixed a bug where using a consumable would not allow the player to aim until the animation finished.
• Fixed some visual replication problems when swapping weapons while in the Dark Zone checkpoints.
• Player characters will now properly holster their weapons when climbing over high cover.
• Improved UI tooltips for trading between players.
• Fixed an instance where players would be teleported back to the Safe House during the “Hostage Rescue: Midtown East” medical encounter.
• Fixed a bug where players would be teleported to last checkpoint in Hudson Refugee Camp.
• Fixed an issue where players could not matchmake for Free Roam from the mega map, while in Brooklyn.
• Fixed a bug where the Ballistic Shield visual would become corrupted if the player changed shoulder view while using it.
• Fixed a bug where the defense turrets in Falcon Lost would be able to shoot players through covers from a medium-long range.
• Fixed some objects in Falcon Lost that would not provide tactical cover.
• Fixed a number of tooltips not displaying correctly in Arabic localization.
• Fixed some instances where dead civilians would need things from the player.
• Fixed a rare case where Rogue status would expire too soon.
• Fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map in Brooklyn.
• Crafting will now properly update blueprint stats if the player has switched their Firearms values while in the Base of Operations.
• Players can no longer phase transfer to a group member’s higher Dark Zone bracket while having Rogue status.
• Fixed a bug where automatching would return the wrong difficulty for missions when failing to find a match.
• Fixed a bug where the player’s own character could obstruct aiming while in cover.
• And many more!
Update 1.2 for The Division goes live tomorrow. See you in the Dark Zone guys!
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