Edge of Twilight Teetering Towards Release

By Sam Quirke,
Some of you may be vaguely aware of Edge of Twilight, a steampunk action-adventure – it's certainly been lurking in the shadows for a while. Initially revealed for PC and Xbox 360 in 2007, the project has been hit by a number of issues in the meantime, including naming disputes and budgeting for "Hollywood celebrities as voice actors". It's not the first or even the second time we've seen it resurface with promises of an imminent release. The third time's the charm, right?

This time around, we have two screenshots and a couple of videos to whet the appetite all over again. Fuzzyeyes Group's CEO has also promised that the game is "99 percent complete".

EoT2016 - 2

EoT2016 - 1

All they need now is a bit of a cash injection. $350,000 USD, to be precise. That's the target for the company's Indiegogo campaign, in order to cover final legal fees and debugging tests. Fuzzyeyes say hitting the target will grant the game a June release... on PC. Android and "other consoles" will follow later. Happily, this still seems to include a previous gen release for the 360 as well as Xbox One.

Given that it really seems to be in the final stages of production this time, we'll stay positive for now and keep an eye out for the latest developments. Otherwise, I'll schedule a calendar reminder to peer over the Edge of Twilight again in 2020.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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