343 Industries Remaking Halo 1 [RUMOR] [UPDATED]

By II The Beard II, 8 years ago
Edit: Looks like Microsoft felt a prompt response was in order for this particular industry rumor (take that as you will), as an official spokesperson said this morning:
Right now our focus is on supporting Halo: Reach. We have nothing to announce at this time.
So if you were wondering about Microsoft's stance on Reach and/or their announcement schedule... there you go, all cleared up!

The soft "denial" should be no surprise, the rumor has elicited quite a bit of buzz, something Microsoft would no doubt be keen to listen to and slow to kill.

Original Story:
According to Games Master magazine (via CVG), talk around the gaming industry's water cooler is that Microsoft's 343 Industries is currently working on a remake of the game that started it all - Halo: Combat Evolved.

The rumored remake would run on the far superior Halo: Reach engine, and if Microsoft's yearly release model holds true it could coincide with the original's 10th anniversary next November. When questioned, Xbox UK Director Stephen McGill even commented, "I imagine it's a good idea," going on to say that revisiting classic games is something that many gamers and developers like to see. Not exactly a ringing endorsement or confirmation, but the stars certainly seem to be aligning.

Given where the series left off (hold right to see Master Chief!), this does seem like a natural direction for the franchise, and the thought of re-playing a shiny new version of Halo 1 with all the features of Halo: Reach does have a certain appeal, if only so I can hear the Halo 1 diehards try and explain why Halo 1 is so much better than Halo 1.
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