Among The Sleep Crawls onto Xbox One Next Week

By Mark Delaney, 11 months ago
Of all the horror games on Xbox, I don't think any put players into the shoes onesie of a two year old. Soon we'll have one, however. Among the Sleep, the upcoming first-person horror from Norwegian studio Krillbite, has finally been given its Xbox One release date. Players can climb out of their cribs and into the nightmares of a toddler on June 3rd.

As is customary with games that receive an Xbox release at a time later than its PS4 counterpart, Among The Sleep will feature bonus content. What kind of content? Pajamas, of course. Players will be able to change the protagonist's attire to the bedtime apparel of their choosing from unicorns to color variants of the original, to an Xbox One outfit. Below you can see some of the various nighties on offer.

Naptime ends and nightmares begin on June 3rd.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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