World of Tanks Update 3.0 Arrives Today

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago have announced that Update 3.0 "Nuts and Bolts" will be arriving on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of World of Tanks later today, adding "new vehicles, updated maps and advanced features" as well as six new achievements.

Download Sizes -

Xbox One: ~7.1GB
Xbox 360: ~1.5 GB

New Features

• Team Training Customizations: We've added new advanced options for Team Training. Players will now be able to restrict their Team Training room by class, maps, game mode and tier. Rooms can also be renamed and be created as "Public" or "Private"
• In-Game Stat Filters: When players first visit the "Stats" tab, nations will be sorted by default when the filter options are opened. If the player scrolls down to highlight individual tanks, the Filter options will auto-hide, but can be seen again by scrolling to the top, and pressing Up
• Spectator HUD: A new competitive gaming feature, Spectator mode allows one player from each team competing in Team Training battles to have an assigned Spectator. Spectators have access to several functions including tank rotation and free-moving camera
• Over 90 tanks remade in HD and SD! New SD models created for tanks never before seen on console

Updated Maps

• Highway: console-exclusive changes to add more cover in open fields
• Prokhorovka: slight balance changes
• Karelia: new playable areas
• Sand River: central dry river is now easily traversable
• Westfield: reduced hill inclines and easier to navigate pathways
• Sacred Valley: valley depth has been reduced with new pathways and mountain cover. Northwest corner of the map altered to balance out advantages of the north base



• T18 becomes T18 HMC Arty (tier III artillery)
• T82 becomes T82 HMC Arty (tier IV artillery)
• T1 HMC (tier II artillery, replacement for T57)
• T3 HMC (tier II tank destroyer, replacement for T18)
• T56 GMC (tier III tank destroyer, replacement for T82)


• Spähpanzer I C (tier VII light tank, replacement for Aufklärungspanzer Panther)


• Gold/Silver Compensation Changes: With 3.0, tankers will be compensated with the appropriate amount of Silver instead of Gold when purchasing or acquiring a Premium vehicle already present in their Garage (details: Xbox/PS4). Additionally, any purchase of Premium time that goes beyond the limit of 391 days will be refunded in Silver for the surplus instead of Gold
• "Eagle Eye" Perk: now properly works for artillery viewing spotted enemies
• Title screen and launcher art have been replaced
• Fjords (standard): spawn points slightly adjusted for balance
• Serene Coast (assault): moved attacker spawns creating two groups instead of three for balance
• Serene Coast (standard): team 2's flag base relocated for balance
• Northwest (standard): team 1 base relocated. Encounter base moved slightly and Team Destruction spawns spread out a bit
• Malinovka (assault): both variations now use the "rain" version of assault since this has proven to be the best • placement of spawns and base flag
• Fisherman's Bay (encounter): moved flag base for balance. Moved team 1's spawns for balance
• Pacific Island: rocks added to break line of sight
• Mountain Pass: rocks added to break line of sight
• Northwest: encounter base slightly moved
• Northwest: Team Destruction spawns spread out more
• Tundra: assault base relocated with new spawn placements
• Swamp: assault spawns moved
• Ensk - War! (standard): team 2 base and spawns moved


• Base capture siren volume reduced per player feedback
• Training tanks swapped out \(^o^)/ - (Target Practice: ISU-122S, Driving Practice: AMX CDC, Live Fire Practice: IS-2 (Soviet)
• UI items that are not selected no longer have a darkened overlay
• Bounty event camouflages are now golden instead of red
• Radial command reel displays 36% faster to alleviate issues with tank controls
• D-pad, face buttons, or triggers can now be used to flip between radial command menus while using "driver" controls
• Updated text strings to inform tankers when they are refunded Silver for scenarios where they are receiving a Premium vehicle they already own
• Updated text to inform tankers when they are refunded Silver for scenarios where they are receiving Premium days when they’re already at the max (391 days)
• Korean translations improved
• Base capture voice-over from Crew will now trigger if the tanker is within 480m of the base


• Wooden objects now have proper impact sounds effects
• Fixed sound effects for auto-loaders firing
• Fixed tread sound effects when moving in and out of water
• Fixed an issue where voice chat was unusable if tankers entered the room while the lobby owner was selecting a vehicle
• Driving Practice: Waypoints are now oriented properly
• Voice chat now works in the Post Battle Results, allowing you to continue to talk to teammates after battle
• Fixed German translations for tracked assisted damage; Basic Training tutorial menus and HUD; Tracked Target Hit ribbon
• Korean translation fixes for multiple Garage UI and ribbons
• Fixed misaligned button images in the UI during Initial Player Experience (IPX)
• Fixed Polish confirmation text for researching components of the Medium Mk. I or the Leichttraktor
• Adjusted text for various languages when UI prompts confirmation for a Store purchase
• Updated text description of the Confederate medal
• Fixed translations for various languages of the first help screen for Crews
• Fixed start-up HUD in tutorials
• Fixed an issue where ramming a destroyed vehicle would queue the engine start sound
• Boost Ops are no longer auto-enabled if they are awarded via another Op
• Fixed a rare timing issue with vehicle purchase celebrations that would cause it to continue when cancelled
• Tankers placed in the Initial Player Experience PvP match can now go back to the Garage after being destroyed
• Fixed an issue where the SU-100-60 package does not unlock when researching the SU-85MBM package
• Fixed picto alignment issues on some loading screens
• Garage filter help screen now includes when filters become available
• Fixed text truncation issues with artillery HUD tips in Proving Grounds
• Fixed German translation in the Proving Grounds description
• Fixed Store "celebration" not showing up for new tankers
• Daily win multiplier message truncation fixed in multiple languages
• Fixed various UI alignment issues
• Fixed new Crew skill notification flashing
• Newly favorited vehicles are now properly excluded when filtered


• WZ-131: Fixed backface culling on turret
• T-50-2: Fixed backface culling when in destroyed state. View range fixed to display proper 390 value
• M5 Stuart: Fixed floating antenna
• M48A1: Fixed rear track links that were clipping into hull
• T-127: Fixed camouflage tiling multiplier
• Sherman Firefly: Fixed camouflage tiling multiplier


• Highway: Fixed various objects that were placed incorrectly and causing clipping
• Arctic Region: Adjusted some prop placements
• Ruinberg: Removed floating rubble and added physics regions to prevent vehicles from accessing unintended areas
• Port: Fixed tread effects on gravel areas
• Great Wall: Sound effects fixed for some destructibles and ambiance. Added physics regions to mountainside to prevent access to unintended areas
• Hidden Village: Removed crunched stone object that was causing collision issues
• Pacific Island - War!: Removed rock objects from slope to prevent vehicles getting stuck
• Fjords: Various bug clean-up, prop adjustments and edits to terrain decals

Xbox 360

"Post to Facebook" text has been simplified to not include game mode

Xbox One

Fixed an issue where gamertags were not properly shown in the launcher
Fixed an issue where profiles could not be viewed on the "Efficiency" tab in Post Battle Results
In addition to the updates and fixes above, there are also a large number of tank adjustments that can be found here.

Update 3.0 is expected to launch on both World of Tanks and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition later today.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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