Deadlight: Director's Cut Details Drop

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
One of the new additions to Deadlight: Directors Cut, the Survival Arena mode, is the main focus of this latest release of new information for the game, with some new screenshots and a trailer both providing a look at the new mode.

Deadlight: Director's Cut Art

"Survival Arena" mode, as you can probably guess from the name, tasks players with a simple challenge: Survive for as long as possible. To aid the player in this, a variety of weapons including Molotov cocktails, a sniper rifle and a machine gun will allow them to take on the zombie hordes. Not only that but destructible environments can offer defensive help, both to slow the chasing pack and to create new paths for the player to venture to new areas. Scattered across the map will be the final aid - med-kits to heal the wounds players will eventually receive. Survival Arena will have leaderboards for players to see how they rank in comparison to others in terms of survival time.

Another mode will also be coming to the Deadlight: Director's Cut: Nightmare mode. Previously exclusive to the PC version of the game, Nightmare mode provides the toughest challenge and brings an alternate ending to consoles.

Deadlight: Director's Cut will bring these modes to Xbox One on June 21st.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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