88 Heroes Offers Players a Chance to Get Their Creation In-Game

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
88 Heroes developer Bitmap Bureau has 87 heroes good to go, but they're looking for a stroke of genius from the community for the 88th. All artists need is a sketch, name and unique ability for their creation, and they have a shot to get their hero into the game.

Blastertron is already taken!Blastertron is already taken!

Interested? The full details are as follows:

The criteria are simple: design a hero (or zero!) with a unique skill that will help or hinder players as they navigate the side-scrolling enemy-filled and booby-trapped levels. Entries may be submitted digitally by any means. You could scribble a doodle on a fast food wrapper, create a rich and lore-filled backstory for your hero in a 100-page document – or anything and everything in between.

To help you on your way, we’ve provided a basic template. Just remember, the three essentials to include are: a visual sketch or drawing of the hero (as basic or elaborate as you like), the hero’s name (keep it clean!), and a description of the hero’s unique skill. That’s it! Closing date for entries is 30th June 2016. Send entries to comp@risingstargames.com or tweet your entries @88heroesgame.
For those who need some inspiration, Bitmap Bureau and publisher Rising Star Games have offered a peek at five characters in the 88 Heroes roster.

Gonan – Muscle-bound warrior wielding a mighty sword that’s slow to swing but can slash through scenery to create shortcuts
PowerTron – Robo law enforcer who fires missiles that are deadly to enemies, but also himself
Neutron Brothers – Scientists fused together in a lab blunder, who can teleport through walls and even into enemies to kill them
Max Velocity – With a rocket pack strapped to his back there’s nowhere he can’t fly, but he’s a piloting nightmare
Invisible Sheriff – You can’t hide from the law if you can’t see it coming; hard to see but also hard for enemies to hit.
The contest ends June 30th, giving the devs time to implement the new hero before the chaotic platformer's August 8th launch date.
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