Spilt Milk Studios' Tango Fiesta Heading to Consoles

By Lexley Ford, 1 year ago
Merge Games has announced a new publishing deal with Spilt Milk Studios to bring their upcoming four-player arcade-action shooter, Tango Fiesta, to consoles later this year. Tango Fiesta is a top-down cooperative shooter that draws its inspiration heavily from action movies of the 1980s. Players must battle their way through procedurally generated levels, upgrading their arsenal as they progress before facing off against “super evil bosses”.

Merge Games' Co-owner and Managing Director, Luke Keighran commented on the partnership:
I’m delighted to be working with Spilt Milk Studios and Tango Fiesta will be a great addition to the Merge Games canon. The deal sees Merge Games handling the console conversion of Tango Fiesta then both parties sharing the revenue, it’s win-win for everyone.
Spilt Milk’s Creative Director, Andrew Smith, added:
Merge are wicked. The men in charge there were born long enough ago that they love the 80s as much as we do, and they love 4 player co-op carnage even more than that – bringing that to millions of gamers too young to get half the painstakingly written references in the game is a dream come true for us! PlayStation4 and Xbox One watch out.
Alongside the announcement, a small selection of screens were also released for the title:

Tango Fiesta will be available for the Xbox One sometime in Q3, 2016.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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