RIDE 2 is Coming This Fall

By Kevin Tavore, 11 months ago
Milestone S.r.l. has just announced that the sequel to 2015's RIDE will be coming this fall. RIDE 2 builds on the foundation established by the 2015 title to create an even better experience than before. Players can expect new game modes, new content, over 200 bikes, in-depth customization and new tracks.

Bike collection is a key component in RIDE 2. In addition to all the bike types in the previous game, players will also be able to race Two Strokes, Supermotards and the Café Racers. Of course, bikes are only part of the fun and Milestone will be adding new street tracks as well. Fan-favorite tracks like Nürburgring Nordschleife and Northwest 200. Finally, Milestone will also be improving the physics model to help give players an even more realistic experience.

You can check out the announcement trailer below, though it does not include any gameplay footage:

RIDE 2 is coming in Fall 2016.
Kevin Tavore
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