Codemasters Announces F1 2016 is Coming This Summer

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Codemasters has just announced that the next title in the F1 series, F1 2016, will be coming this summer.

The highlight of this year's release is a considerably reworked and expanded career mode. Your career will last 10 seasons and depth has been added to everything you must manage both on and off the track. Principal Game Designer Lee Mather believes the new career mode is a big improvement:

F1 2016 is a massive step forward for the franchise. The new career mode sits at the heart of the game and allows gamers to create their own legend over a career that can span for up to a massive ten seasons. Beyond improving upon the fastest and most thrilling on-track racing experience in gaming, F1 2016 uniquely offers the drama and vehicle development that goes on behind the scenes. A rich car upgrade system is fully integrated into a new and deep practice development programme which mirrors the tests carried out by the teams in real life.
The practice development programme will see players conducting tests on a grand prix weekend. You'll be able to maximize your preparation and earn Research and Development points to improve your car.

The career mode will also allow you to select an avatar and a number with customized colors. You'll then pick from any Formula 1 team, each with different goals and difficulty. As you progress, you'll earn new contracts and can move from team to team. To add to the realism, there will be "stunning hospitality areas" for each team that will act as your hub. The menus are also fully voice-acted, so instead of simply moving from text menu to text menu, it'll feel more like you're interacting with real members of your crew.

The cherry on top is that the new location for the 2016 season, Azerbaijan, is in the game as well as the new team, Haas.

Perhaps the greatest news of all is that the game will also include customizable day and night cycles, allowing you to race when you want and add new challenges to the game.

F1 2016 is coming this summer for Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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