Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Review

By Megan Walton,
Continuing with their season pass content for Fallout 4, Bethesda has now released the newest DLC pack in the form of "Far Harbor". Hyped as the largest landmass yet for an add on for a Bethesda game, "Far Harbor" sees you undertake a new case for the Valentine's Detective Agency. There are new creatures for you to face, new locations to explore and a whole bunch of new quests to complete. How well does "Far Harbor" expand on Fallout 4?

There's plenty of harbor for you to be adventuring roundThere's plenty of harbor for you to be adventuring round

Once you've re-entered the wasteland, you'll be given a quest entitled "Far from Home" where you need to pay a visit to Valentine's Detective Agency and talk with Ellie, who has a new case for you. After meeting with the Nakano's, you find that their daughter has gone missing. Unsure whether she left of her own accord or was kidnapped, her parents task you with finding her and bringing her safely home. After a little bit of investigation, you find out that Kasumi may have gone to a place called Far Harbor to join a group of synths who are in hiding there. As usual, there is more to the story than meets the eye and you'll uncover betrayal, lies and murder along your way through this intriguing tale. The DLC expands on the clashing of heads between synths and civilians that was happening in the main story, and it constantly challenges you to make life or death decisions depending on which side you support. Similar to the main story, the ending of this DLC will also change depending on the decisions that you make and with whom who you side.

There's a fairly lengthy story that is told here with plenty of quests, side quests and miscellanious activities to complete along the way. With the civilians of Far Harbor challenging you to buff up their defences, avenge their ancestors and save family members, you'll be busy enough at the start of the DLC. If you then throw in the Children of Atom, of whom you can become a member and assist with some of their problems, as well as the aforementioned Synths in Acadia who need a helping hand too, you'll be more than occupied with a variety of quests. These can vary from short jobs, such as clearing out a location or finding an item, or more challenging quests, including killing waves of sea creatures to prove yourself. There's enough variety here for the questing not to get too tedious, and enough locations across the land of Far Harbor that you won't often see yourself sent back to the same places over and over again.

As this DLC is based around a case for Valentine's Detective Agency, the logical thing would be to take your partner in crime, Nick, as your companion. If you do so, there are even more secrets to be uncovered during your journey, such as additional dialogue with certain characters. It seems strange that you aren't more encouraged to take Nick as your companion, but the game offers much the same information with other companions, just not in as much detail.

There's locations and quests a plenty in Far HarborThere's locations and quests a plenty in Far Harbor

The locations that you'll be exploring fit in with the murky setting of Far Harbor. You'll have your choice of half collapsed hotels, National Park HQs that are looking a little worse for wear, and capsized ships that could hide some treasures. These locations can also introduce you to more quests, including a particularly interesting murder mystery where the victim and all of the suspects are robots. It is these kinds of unique quests that make the DLC that bit more interesting to explore as you don't know what kind of things are hidden away.

The damp and drab setting of this DLC means that a lot of these locations have the similar run down appearance and it means that you won't be marvelling at any grand or exciting architecture. There's also a hefty mix of fog and radiation across Far Harbor, which means not only is your setting often dull and lacking in colour but that you'll be wanting to carry more than a few RadXs and RadAways around with you. The Children of Atom thrive in this radiation heavy setting, but on the other hand, you might need a little more protection. The completion of certain quests even gives you armour items to help you out in this aspect but the radiation can get annoying and the clicking of the geiger counter on your pip boy definitely grates from time to time.

As well as new quests to complete and locations to explore, you will be coming face to face with some new creatures. Anglers and Gulpers will be your main enemies, as well as their various variants, but there will also be harder foes like the fairly hardy fog crawler. You'll face a lot of these on the way through the main questline, but they'll also be hidden in trees and water as you explore the rest of Far Harbor and its foggy terrain. Then you'll also be meeting the usual likes of different varieties of mirelucks along the way too, but it's nothing that a few harpoons to the face won't take down.

Get ready to face Fog Crawlers, Anglers and Gulpers on your journeyGet ready to face Fog Crawlers, Anglers and Gulpers on your journey

There's the addition of 10 achievements for a total of 180G on offer with this DLC. A few of these achievements come from completing the various quests, but others mean that you'll have to go out of your way. Clearing out areas to use their workshops and discovering a number of locations should go hand in hand. Cooking up a new recipe will be fairly easy once you've taken down a couple of creatures. That being said, you'll need to take down a total of 30 of the new creatures anyway for another achievement. Finally, you'll want to search out each of the five episodes of the The Islander's Almanac magazine, which are hidden across a number of locations. There's nothing too vexing here for you and there should be no problem with the completion.


Far Harbor definitely doesn't disappoint in terms of its size and the main questline is as interesting and intruiging as you'd expect from a Fallout 4 DLC. There's a number of different locations to explore with quests and side quests that take you up and down the fairly large map, and there's the usual amount of secrets to be uncovered as well, but take Nick as a companion and there's even more to be uncovered here. The setting for Far Harbor itself is not the most exciting due to its foggy nature and a generally dull and dark world. That being said, there's plenty here to keep you busy, interested and more than entertained for a good number of hours.
4.5 / 5
Far Harbor in Fallout 4
  • Large DLC area with lots of locations to explore
  • Taking Nick as companion gives you more dialogue and background to story
  • Plenty of quests with lots of choices to make
  • Fairly dull and drab setting
The reviewer spent approximately 9 hours solving murders, uncovering secrets and doing unspeakable things with a robot, unlocking all of the DLC achievements along the way. A code for the DLC was provided for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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