The Pinball Arcade TX-Sector Table Announced

By Luc1d, 1 year ago
Farsight Studios has announced the 50th DLC table for The Pinball Arcade, a reproduction of the science fiction themed TX-Sector table released by Gottlieb in 1988.

TX-Sector™ (1988): is a highly collectible table from Gottlieb® designed by John Trudeau, Constantino Mitchell, and Jeanine Mitchell. The backbox features a combination of hand drawn art and photography as well as a scoreboard that is positioned over the Backglass to increase its visibility to others. The playfield shows off strikingly lit Ramps and a curving Plunger Habitrail for exciting gameplay. Using staged captive balls, the game teleports balls across the table during gameplay for added attraction. 2,336 units of this table were produced.
"TX-Sector" is part of the Season 5 series of tables for The Pinball Arcade. While the "TX-Sector" table has already been released on Steam, a release date for Xbox One has yet to be confirmed. Xbox 360 was not mentioned in publicity material for this DLC.
Written by Luc1d
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