Patch Notes and New Video for Today's HITMAN "Episode 3: Marrakesh"

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
HITMAN continues its monthly launch schedule with "Episode 3: Marrakesh" releasing today. We previewed the update for our HITMAN fans last week, and today budding assassins can download the new content as well as check out a unique video and the official patch notes.

Players who might not yet be sold on the new episode can view the stunning environment in a 4K 360 degree interactive video. Simply click and drag to look around:

The new episode features a new story mission, over 70 Marrakesh-specific challenges, seven new achievements and more. In addition to the new content, new quality of life improvements have been added as well as bug fixes. The full notes can be seen below:

New Destination: Marrakesh

• New Story mission: A Gilded Cage
• 8 new Opportunities for ‘A Gilded Cage’
• 20 levels of Marrakesh Mastery, with the following unlocks:
7 new Marrakesh Starting Locations
8 new Marrakesh Agency Pickup locations
6 new weapon/gear unlocks
• New suit for Marrakesh: Summer Suit
• 70+ Marrakesh-specific challenges
• 7 new trophies/achievements

Live Content for Marrakesh will include: New Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode)

New Gameplay Options

Weapon Balancing

• Re-balanced headshot damage for all pistols. Pistols should now be more lethal at longer ranges, when performing headshots.
• Minor re-balancing and bug fixing of several firearms, including damage models and recoil patterns.

• Re-balanced Enram HV shotguns. Fire rates, ammo carrying capacity and recoil patterns have been adjusted. The Enram HV rewarded in Sapienza Location Mastery now comes with extra ammunition.
• Fixed an issue regarding gunshot audio synchronization.

NPC and Target Information
• Instinct Mode now displays the name of NPC’s.
• In Contracts Mode, kill conditions (weapon / disguise) are shown.
• This option can be turned off in the Gameplay Options.

Inventory Wheel Perks
• The perks associated with each weapon are now displayed on the in-game inventory wheel, allowing players a better overview of the weapon they are choosing to equip.

Mini Map NPC Indicators
• Added an option to allow players to turn off the NPC indicators on the Mini Map. Targets are still shown. This option is set to “on” by default and can be toggled in the Gameplay Options.

Game Menu Improvements

Improved Leaderboards
• The Top 100 scores are now loaded immediately in a scrollable list and each leaderboard entry shows the detailed score associated with it, meaning all players can see the score awarded to all leaderboard entries.
• A player’s own leaderboard position is always shown on the leaderboard screen, allowing them to easily see how they rank against other players.

Featured Contracts Tile Update
• The Featured Contracts tile now displays the location of the mission and the most recent Featured Contracts are shown as the first in the list.

Save Games
• Manual and Auto saves are now shown on a single menu screen. Previously, players would need to tab between two separate screens.

Challenge Saturation
• When viewing challenges in the menu, those that have not been completed are now displayed in greyscale to clearly show the completed and not-completed challenges at a glance.

Game and server version display
• The game and server version are now displayed in the ‘Options’ Menu.

Fixed Issues

• Fixed an issue where subduing NPC’s could result in a non-target kill. This was mostly occurring in small/tight spaces.

• Fixed an issue where the use of savegames could result in incorrect calculation of the time bonus.

• Fixed an issue where the “Escalating the Situation” challenge would not unlock after completing the requirements. Players may be required to complete one more Escalation Contract for this to unlock.

• Changed the unlock requirements of the ‘Master of Disguise’ challenge, specifically removing the requirement to equip the location-specific Italian Suit.

• Fixed an issue where the “Rock On” challenge in 'The Enforcer' Sarajevo Six mission would not unlock, despite completing the requirements. (PS4 only)

• Fixed an issue that would allow items in Agency Pickups to be duplicated.

• Fixed an issue where the non-target penalty would not be applied in some Escalation Contracts where the “No Pacifications” complication was enabled.

• Fixed an issue where the ‘Body Found’ score penalty would not be applied if the body is found at the same time as the player enters the ‘combat’ state.

• Fixed a rare issue that would cause a framerate drop in Paris when equipping a weapon inside the palace.

• Fixed an issue where the information about being recorded by a security camera would not be shown in languages other than English.

• Fixed an issue where the ‘Over Here…’ challenge in the ICA Facility would not unlock if a guard finds a coin on his way to the generator.

• Fixed an infinite loading bug that was occurring when players would sign out of the game during a mission and then sign back in with the same account.
"Episode 3: Marrakesh" is available today for players who own HITMAN: The Full Experience, or available for individual download for players who only own the Intro Pack.

Of course, now that Agent 47 has arrived in Marrakesh, the next question on everyone's mind is "Where is the infamous assassin heading next?" We're not sure, but Square Enix did tease new HITMAN details coming at E3 in June.
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