Free Monday Night Combat DLC Released [UPDATED]

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Edit: It appears that it is compulsory to download this DLC if you want to keep playing this game over Xbox Live. If you have not downloaded this DLC, when you try to connect to a Live match, the game displays a message stating that the free DLC has been released and that you need to download the DLC before you can play. The message appears for both Crossfire and Blitz modes over Live. Local gameplay does not seem to be affected.

Original Story:

The free "Spunky Cola Special" DLC for Monday Night Combat has finally been released today. Uber Entertainment have also issued the update for the game that dealt with a long list of fixes for the game.

Just to remind you, the DLC adds the Spunky Cola arena to the Crossfire mode:
External image

The Survivitol Arena is added to the Blitz mode:
External image

There is a new Blitz mode added as well, although the Super Sudden Death Blitz is only playable in the new Survivitol Arena.

Unfortunately, for those of you with Free Live accounts who were hoping to download the DLC for the Blitz mode and arena, the DLC is currently Gold exclusive. Here's a link to the Games Marketplace for those of you who want to queue it up on your Xbox.
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