Third HITMAN Elusive Target to Arrive Wednesday, June 8th in Sapienza

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Though the first two Elusive Targets were conveniently available on weekends, HITMAN developer Io Interactive is testing players' commitment by planting the next one smack in the middle of the week.

The next target, dubbed only "The Prince," will be arriving in the Sapienza location on Wednesday, June 8th, and will be in that location for 72 hours. Per usual, talk to Diana for a briefing of the necessary intel that will assist you in locating and eliminating the target. Elusive Targets do not appear on the minimap.

The Prince Elusive Target

Remember, there are no second chances when assassinating an Elusive Target. If you fail, you fail, and that's it.

Players will also be awarded for completing these tricky missions with in-game content such as suits from previous Hitman games. The first reward will be for five successful Elusive Target contracts.

To see when exactly The Prince will be available in your time zone on Wednesday, Io Interactive has a time table available. Good luck, assassins.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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