Harm's Way Coming December 9th To XBLA

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Remember 2008's free XBLA release, Dash of Destruction? Well Doritos' Unlock Xbox competition is at it again and this year, instead of just the winner being released for free on the marketplace, we get to enjoy the top two finalists.

First up, on December 9th, is Justin Carpenter's Harm's Way, developed by Bongfish. Harm's Way is a racing/shooting game with teams of two. One player is the driver, the other is the shooter. It is quite simple in that the driver only has to worry about driving as aggressively as possible and the shooter is up on a ridge, tasked with taking out tires and special targets to provide bonuses to their driver partner. Check out the trailer and some screenshots below:

External image

External image

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The second finalist is Jill Robertson's Avatar Crash Course which will be released after Harm's Way and is also free. Here is the game description, as written by Jill Robertson herself:

Avatar Crash Course is high-energy, crazy, and full of comical mishaps and fun for you and your friends. Maneuver your way through ruthless obstacles and crazy levels as your avatar as you battle to be #1! Level up to get sweet power-ups, such as shoes to run faster and a belt that improves your balance. Either play solo through the campaign fighting to achieve the best time and get the gold, or play with up to four of your friends. As you move through each obstacle, you’ll need to press buttons, wiggle sticks, and jump up and down to survive. Be careful not to fall unless you like seeing your avatar get smashed! Avatar Crash Course is great played as a party game, or through the campaign as you try to level up and beat your best times. You even win an awesome avatar track suit after beating the game! Endless fun awaits in Avatar Crash Course.

Once each game has been released, download the gamerpic for the title you want to win from the Xbox Live Marketplace and each download will count as a 'vote' towards determining the winner of a $50,000 Doritos Brand consulting job.

At the end of the day, with two free XBLA titles just in time for the Holidays, we are all winners.
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