Badass Hero Announced

By Kevin Tavore, 10 months ago
Awesome Games Studio has just announced their new game, Badass Hero. You star as a comic book hero of your own creation named, appropriately, Badass. Like all heroes, your destiny is to the save the world from many various threats (perhaps we'll even see a super villain!). Styled like and set in a comic book, your skills will be put to the test as any real hero's would.

Awesome Games Studio describes the gameplay as a roguelike (or roguelite) platformer shooter. The gameplay is fast-paced run-and-gun with platforming mixed in across procedurally-generated levels. As you progress, you'll defeat enemies to collect ink which you can use to upgrade your hero. The developers promise players will be rewarded when they play dynamically and aggressively by taking risks. Learning how to fight against each type of enemy will be key, as death will come swiftly for those who are not prepared.

As you can see below in the screenshots, the developers have opted for a more modern visual style:

Then there's also the reveal trailer, which showcases the platforming and shooting gameplay with quite a bit of unique style. There's also a look at a few of what appear to be bosses fights.

Badass Hero is coming to Xbox One in 2017.
Kevin Tavore
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