A Deeper Look at Commentary and Sound Design in a New Madden NFL 17 Video

By Chanse Wareham, 1 year ago
Playing game after game of any sports title can end up making even the most exciting plays seem rote and boring when they are accompanied by the same exclamation of "Look at that!" that had been heard countless times before.

The team at EA Tiburon seem conscious of this fact, as seen in their new video describing the thinking behind this years commentary for Madden NFL 17, as well as a look at the general sound effect design that is going into the title.

Regarding commentary, EA also provided more in-depth information regarding their thinking behind the new team of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis. Namely, they wanted to ensure four key pillars were present in this new team:

  • Better availability for the commentators to come in and record dialog anytime they are needed
  • Good team chemistry when commentating
  • Better teaching of football mechanics and basics through listening to commentary
  • Finally, the ability to add new and fresh commentary througout the real NFL season
You can have a listen to this new team when Madden NFL 17 comes to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on August 23rd.
Chanse Wareham
Written by Chanse Wareham
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