A World of Keflings Starts Games For The Holidays

By Dog of Thunder,
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The latest seasonal promotion from Microsoft Game Studios is Games For The Holidays. It will be starting on December 22nd with the release of A World of Keflings, sequel to the smash hit A Kingdom for Keflings.

The second game in the promotion, Raskulls, will be available for download on December 29th.

The third game, ilomilo is actually already available, as detailed in an earlier news story: ilomilo Demo Now Available.

Another way to purchase Raskulls and ilomilo is simply from within A World of Keflings on December 22nd. All three titles will be available for 800 MSP.

Now what makes Games For The Holidays unique is that there is no discount on these games, no rebate if you buy all three. Instead, if you own and unlock an achievement in one game, it unlocks exclusive content in the other two titles. I will let Steve Taylor, creator of A World of Keflings and President of Ninjabee explain:

If you buy Raskulls or ilomilo you can build homes for characters from those games in A World of Keflings. Then those characters live in your game world and you can kick them around with the rest of your Keflings. At the same time, if you own A World of Keflings you can choose to have a Kefling as your playable character in Raskulls or dress up ilo and milo in swanky Kefling costumes.

To tide you over until December 22nd, here are the trailers for all three games:

A World of Keflings: