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Edit: The conference is over. You can read all about what happened here though!

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Hello everyone! The conference will begin in less than six hours. Feel free to join the discussion in the comments and talk about what you want to see from EA!

About 5 hours out now. Friday we covered Titanfall 2 getting a teaser trailer on Twitter. Well it looks like Battlefield 1 got one too!

Oh, and apparently EA is building a Titan.

Don't forget, unless something has changed EA Access will be free all week. Some reports say it's already live, but it's not working for others. Hopefully we'll hear more at the conference. 3.5 hours to go.

Titanfall 2 leaked ahead of time. Oops! The article: Titanfall 2 Single Player E3 Trailer Revealed Plus Release Date

The pre-show has begun on Twitch with....an ad for Michelin tires. And here I was all excited.

And here is our schedule for the afternoon. Presumably that pre-press show will start somewhat soon. No idea what Battlefield Squads will be. Also could EA Star Wars refer to something other than Battlefront?


The pre-show has begun. Alex Mendez and Jose Sanchez are currently talking about what we might see. They're bickering about who hosted the Battlefield 1 premiere. Respawn and DICE of course, but apparently Bioware is for sure at the show. Mass Effect!?

Battlefield Squads is a 64-player match of Battlefield 1 after the press conference. There'll be tons of Youtube and Twitch personalities as well as famous celebrities.

Sounds like we might get to hear about Respawn's (Titanfall dev, ex-Infinity Ward) Star Wars game.

The bickering has ended. The pre-show is done. The show starts in about 7 minutes. Get ready!

And it's past start time with nothing to show for it. I'll update as soon as the show starts.

We are enjoying some pretty hot electronica though. Was a bit hotter six plays ago but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Plus the circle around EA's logo spins.


And we're live with a trailer. Feel. Play. Live. EA Play.

CEO Andrew Wilson is on stage. He's happy about their new show where the conference simply introduces the games and then the players can experience it themselves to play over the next few days.


Turns out the conference is live from two locations - LA and London. Peter Moore is hosting from London.


Over the next hour, we'll see new Star Wars games. Mass Effect: Andromeda. Battlefield 1. Titanfall 2.

There are 2.6 billion game players throughout the world. EA knows just how important it is to make sure everyone across the globe can play.

Vince Zampella is now on stage. He's the CEO of Respawn.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer trailer is going on. Pilot just jumped into a Titan and ground pounded. New visuals and UI.

There will be six new titans. Expanded pilot gameplay. More customization. Deeper progression system. There will be a multiplayer test later this year where we can all play.

Now the single player trailer is on. You can see it covered originally below, or in a separate news story which was already posted. Here are some screens from the multiplayer trailer.



Madden 17 trailer is now playing.

This year Madden has new ways to play in franchise mode and a brand new commentary team.

EA is no stranger to "the power of elite competition." They know only a select few can become pro gamers though. They want to make all players stars. They'll have weekly online contests. There will be three ways to compete.

Challenger (everyone plays)
Premier (sponsored tournaments)
EA Major (marquee live events with the best)

Now we have a short trailer about the best Madden players in the world. We have Eric Wright, aka "Problem". He knows he's the greatest of all time.

Then there "Serious Moe", a challenger. His name is Zack Lane. He did nothing but play Madden growing up apparently.

Who's the best? We'll find out at the Madden Championship later this week. The best eight Madden NFL players will be able to compete. Serious Moe has broken his collar bone. That might hurt his potential for victory.

The Madden NFL 17 championship series will come with $1M in prize money. It's a full year of high stakes action.

More games will similar competitions at a later date this year.

Aaryn Flynn is the general manager of Bioware. He's here to talk about Mass Effect: Andomeda.

New planets. New species. New environments. You are the alien in this galaxy. It features an all new cast and more freedom than any Bioware game ever. It's powered by Frostbite.


There's now a trailer playing. Seems it's the only thing we'll get until later this fall. It's not a gameplay trailer, but rather documentary-style. Still plenty of in-game footage to be seen. Giant aliens can be seen. One of them flies.




It's free all week long.

Play to Give allows gamers to play for charity. They've partnered with five different charities.


You can earn money by playing these games:


Back to Peter Moore. He's proud how far FIFA has come. This is a revolutionary year for FIFA. Trailer is playing.

Trailer didn't show anything. Just an intro for our next guest. Alex Hunter is on stage.

Alex loves playing FIFA. This is the start of his journey.

The trailer playing is telling the story of Alex Hunter. Seems like a movie. He's got drama on and off the field. Family, work, and of course, on the field. We dont' know him, but we soon will.

It's a brand new experience in FIFA called The Journey. The new mode will allow you live in real football worlds and meet characters full of depth and emotion. Also for the first time ever, Premiere League managers are in-game.



Football manager was on stage. Now he's gone. He didn't say anything about the game. Only confirmed only 3 managers would be in-game.

Aaron McHardy is on the stage. With FIFA, the most important thing is what happens on the pitch. They've got four big transformations in the game:

1. Set pieces have been rewritten
2. New attacking technicques
3. New chances to finish
4. New physics

Another FIFA trailer. You can own every moment - that's the tag line.


Patrick Soderlund is on stage. He's talking about Unravel. They know there are more games like Unravel. Passionate developers creating spectacular games. They're committed to small developers.

The new program: EA Originals

1. Brings innovative titles
2. Support small developers
3. Funding

EA will seek out a few studios each year and help them from start to finish.

All of the profit from those games will go back into the hands of developers so they can keep developing.

First EA Originals game: Fe. Game developer is on stage. It's a 20 person development team.

Fe is a narrative about our relationship with nature. There are no words. It's about the world. All the creatures are connected by their own beautiful music. By learning the songs, you can connect to the forest. Each song will take you ever closer to discovering the secret of your own kind.


Gameplay trailer for Fe. Third person 3D game. Somewhat like a classic Rare game in look, but very purple.


Seven teams are working on Star Wars games. Jade Raymond is on stage. She's GM of Motive Studios.

Right now you can play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Battlefront, and The Old Republic.

Next year there is a new installment of Star Wars: Battlefront. Includes content from the new films.

Visceral is creating a new title for 2018 with new characters telling a new story.

Respawn is exploring a new Star Wars era in a third person action adventure game.

There's now a documentary-style trailer for all the developers creating Star Wars games. EA is trying to cater to all different eras and types of fans. They want to bring all Star Wars fantasies to life.

Visceral's Star Wars game:


The last game of the conference is Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 was in the concept phase for years. For a while, it wasn't working until one late night when they hit magic. They instantly knew they had to make this game in World War 1.

New trailer is playing.


DICE has huge ambitions. No battle will ever be the same in Battlefield 1.

Players from the community will live stream Battlefield 1 immediately after the conference. Jamie Foxx and Zach Efron are there to play. They seem "excited".


The game is immersive. The destruction is more intuitive and interactive. Now weather will change. The weather is dynamic each time you play. You can also control behemoth vehicles like a zeppelin or armored train.

Extended trailer. Lots of explosions and new vehicles.




Conference is over. We're about to get 1 hour of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Here at TA, we'll cover that separately. Thanks for joining us. If you've got any comments on how to make this even better next time, please make sure to let us know. I'm listening!